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Giving Water

What We Give

Each bag of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee provides
140 litres of safe water, a week's supply, to a person in need.

Safe Water

More than 780 million people don't have access to safe water systems. That's why we're working with Giving Partners that have expertise in water, sanitation and hygiene to help create sustainable water systems in seven countries, from the same regions where we source our coffee beans.

The World Health Organization recommends 20 liters of safe water per day for adequate health and hygiene.

TOMS Roasting Co. purchases have helped provide

over 600,000 weeks of safe water

to people in need. One for One®.

What your purchase supports

  1. 01
    Improved health
  2. 02
    Increased economic opportunity
  3. 03
    Access to Education
  4. 04
    Job creation

Each water solution is designed to provide an entire community with access to safe water.